She is my Son - TS in Malaysia

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dabei seit: 05.10.2007

Hier ein kurzer Film über TS in Malaysia. (englisch / malaysisch mit engl. Untertiteln)


by Indrani Kopal -- FFF07 - Justin Louis Award Winner / Freedom Film Festival 2007 / 15 mins / Malaysia

(with English subtitles)

Transgender issue is real, but it is a reality many Malaysian will not admit to. Treated as a sex object and often the butt of lewd jokes and social outcasts, many boys who had the urge of becoming a girl, resisted it. Suganya begs to differ. 'She's my son' tells the story of Suganya from her mother's point of view. "He", before the sex change, had the courage to face the reality and today, as "she", stroll the road confidently with her family and friends accepting the reality as she did.

(indra3012, Begleittext aus youtube)


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dabei seit: 18.04.2007

Ich habe ein Jahr in Malaysia gelebt und gearbeitet. Das es als TS dort in einem muslimischen Land, obwohl sie ja selbst Hindu (10 % Bevölkerungsanteil) ist, sehr schwer ist kann ich mir gut vorstellen.