Hörtipp (Radio FM4) heute 12:00h: The New Gender Frontier

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dabei seit: 23.04.2006

Hörtipp (Radio, auch als Stream): Heute 12h auf FM4
Reality Check: The New Gender Frontier

The New Gender Frontier

Thomas Beattie is a 34 year-old American man who has been married for five years to his wife Nancy and they are expecting their first child. Thomas is the one who is having the baby. A transgendered man has raised many questions about 21st century gender identification and who better to address them than members of the transgender community. Join Eva Fels, Chairwoman of the Austrian TransGender Association "TransX", from the Verein Diskursiv and founder of Queeropedia Persson Perry Baumgartinger, and host Riem Higazi as they venture towards "The New Gender Frontier". This Saturday as of 12 midday, on FM4's Reality Check.

Details: http://fm4.orf.at/connected/222425/main

Reality Check Special: The New Gender Frontier is available as podcast after the show.

Liv-Marit Norton
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dabei seit: 13.02.2006

Danke für den Tipp, habe vor einiger Zeit schon etwas über Thomas' Geschichte gelesen.

Eine echte Vision entwickelt ihr Eigenleben !