German speakers in Scotland.

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Sadie Godiva
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dabei seit: 24.09.2008

If you're a native German speaker and you're visiting Scotland (the Glasgow area in particular) during 2015, I'd be please to hear from you.

XxX, Sadie

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dabei seit: 31.12.2004

Dear Sadie,

well, I´ll be in the UK for sure (Ifsec-Show 2015 - Birmingham).

But Scotland ? Maybe a nice opportunity to spend a long weekend there ...

Just drop me a line



Zwischen Wahnsinn und Verstand ist oft nur eine dünne Wand. (Daniel Düsentrieb)

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dabei seit: 26.08.2005

That is already a little bit ago, Scotland 2004. For this year, I would like to see the Highlands again. ... Before the midges wake up ...      ^^