Sehr interessanter Bericht über Bartepilation (mit Fotos)

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Bin ich gestern drüber gestolpert. Ein ausführlicher, englischsprachiger Bericht über die Epilation mit Nadel, IPL und Laser. Ist schon etwas älter, aber trotzdem klasse.

Auszug aus dem Bericht:

Lightsheer Hair Removal

I have now spent considerable amounts of money on both electrolysis and Aculight IPL hair removal. Neither were that effective but I am not one to give up. Extensive research tells me that Lightsheer diode laser is probably the most effective out there so I have decided to go for it. This is my experience which I will update regularly.

Boots laser clinic in Glasgow is in the basement of their Sauchiehall Street store where they also do laser eye surgery and dentistry. I must admit that the idea of going to a high street retailer for a clinical type treatment doesn't seem right but as there aren't many options for laser hair removal in Glasgow I thought I should at least phone them and see what they had to say.

The woman who took my call answered my basic questions well and when she couldn't answer my more technical questions, rather than bluffing it, she recommended I come in for a consultation which was a good sign. She explained they were also offering free consultations/patch tests so I decided to book one for the next week. The best part of all is that they use the Lightsheer diode laser which seems to be the best for beard removal. She sent some information which arrived by post the next day - impressive especially as I phoned in the afternoon. The information contained a form to complete with personal details, a leaflet explaining all about laser hair removal and Lightsheer, a list of Boots stores which offer LHR and a leaflet about their free consultations/test patch offer. I must admit that it all seems very well organised and professional.

When I got there, my first impression is that it is very clean and well organised. I was met by a receptionist, gave my name and was asked to wait in the reception area for the laser nurse. When she arrived, we went into a treatment room and we started the consultation. She started by going through the usual medical questionnaire - no problems there so we went on to describing how laser works and a bit about how the Lightsheer laser works. Of course, I know a lot about lasers so had some tricky questions. I can say that she did a good job of it and answered all of my questions well. She said that she thought the Aculight had actually done a good job so far which surprised me. Boots insist on taking photos at each stage of the treatment so they can guage how it is progressing (photos are an absolute essential so this is a good thing). My nurse carefully explained how they take great care with the photos to ensure anonymity before taking photos of each side of my face complete with labels stuck to my cheeks so they wouldn't get photos mixed up.


First Treatment - 16th June 2004
The week of my first session started well with a courtesy call 2 days before to remind me about my appointment - that is a sign of great customer service.


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